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To reset your password, enter your user id (usually the complete email address of the female owner) and Click here. If the system does not tell you a new password will be sent, please contact for the correct user id and then repeat the reset process again.
  Certification for Women Owned Businesses

 If you are returning to complete an application or are certified by WBENC, please
 log in at the top right with your company’s user id and password.

            User id/password assistance:  The user id is usually the complete email address
          of the female owner. The password, when not known, can be reset using the id and
          the log in box directions. If the correct id was entered, the system will tell you that
          a new password will be sent to the person the id belongs to. Please allow 30
          minutes and please watch both the in box and junk mail.

            If the system does not state a new password is being sent, please email
 with the legal name of your company and the correct id will be
          provided so you can repeat the password reset

 If you are REGISTERING to START an application, please continue reading so that you fully
 understand the online application process and what settings may need to be adjusted
 on your computer to ensure the application is compatible with your computer. Instructions regarding
 settings below are for Internet Explorer users only. If using another browser, please consult your online
 browser assistance for guidance.

  •          The application is only good for 90 days only. Therefore, it is best to gather
        and review the required documentation first and then register to start the application.
        For a document list, please go to:

  •          WBENC Link works best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  •          Under "Tools" in your menu, please ensure the computer Pop-up Blocker is turned off.
  •          Under "View" in your menu, please ensure the Zoom level is at 100%
  •          Under "Tools" if using Internet 10, please add
        to the compatibility view settings. The "add" button must be clicked to complete the process
        and the window closed. 

  •          Please register using ONLY the female owner’s information. If more than one,
        register using the name of the one holding the highest day to day title.
  •          The user id will be the owner’s email address and the system will ask you to
        create a password. Passwords have no specific requirements.
  •          The system will not allow the same email address to be used more than once as an
        id. If the owner has more than one company to certify, please note the id in the field
        above when you are asked to create the password and edit before creating the
  •          PLEASE SAVE the user id and password as it will be required for as long as
        your company is associated with WBENC to access your certificate and to
        maintain the content of the application that will become your company’s
        capacity statement once certification has been granted.

  NOTE: Completed pages of the application will be saved upon clicking save at the bottom
  of the page, which allows you to log in and out of it while you work on it. Once the
  application is submitted, it is not possible to edit it, so please DO NOT submit until the
  owner has verified the information entered is correct.

       o        Click here to download a list of application questions/instructions.

                 Click here to register as a new user and begin the online application

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